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Dedicated provider of innovative professional services.


Our company provides expert and affordable consulting services in the niche of IT. If you need IT Quality Management assistance, you should know that our consultants are standing by in order to provide Quality Assurance services, Mobile Application Testing, Web Application Testing and IT/QA training. We are also pleased to provide talent recruitment services/IT recruitment.

At Intudio, we have a strong and positive business reputation because we add value to our client’s businesses. As we cover all of the bases, you’ll find that our firm really delivers…

We are here to make your IT project management an easier task, so why not outsource your IT/QA needs to us today? When you do, you’ll find that we provide Functional/Non-Functional Testing and a range of other practical services, all of which are very competitively-priced.


Your IT projects don’t have to run over budget or cause you stress. When you bring our consultants on board, you’ll find that these pros have the power to make IT projects run smoothly! In addition, the IT/QA processes that our experts utilize may decrease the cost of a project.

We are here to make things easier for you by bringing extensive IT/QA experience to the table. So, why not get in touch in order to talk about your IT project?


Our skilled staff members have all of the right awards and credentials. Each member of our team has been cherry-picked for his or her education, experience and accolades. Our Canadian company is staffed with IT/QA experts and these experts have the ability to train others with a mind to helping them get IT certifications and to create innovative solutions.

This is why choosing our company will be the key to improving IT processes and software apps. Our versatile staff members perform a range of roles in order to help companies access targeted results and the best IT/QA solutions.


Our services are comprehensive. Choose full-spectrum services or preferred services in order to access IT/QA solutions which are perfect for your business requirements. To find out more, connect with us today

We offer Functional, Non-Functional Testing and a range of impressive Quality Assurance processes, including Mobile Testing. In addition, we offer training services for IT company staff members, as well as IT recruitment services.

To find out more, connect with us today. Whatever you need, chances are excellent that we offer it.

Our Team

Innovative minds of Intudio performing versatile roles to help companies access targeted results.



Continually striving to achieve objectives through best industry practices by building a result-oriented team as well as putting quality and diversity at the forefront.



Infrastructure quality expert in several industries. Specializing in migrations, transformation & green fielding in alignment with IT Strategy, Security, Operations, Compliance & Architecture.



Strong background in technical recruitment, effectively assessing candidates' skills and matching them with the appropriate roles within your organization. Initial point of contact for addressing inquiries.

Why Us

With 15+ years in SQA business, Intudio is focused on delivering superior quality for every mobile and web Application.

100% Local

We believe in people so we keep everything local


Independent and unbiased approach to QA consulting

Using best practices

To reduce risk and deliver a high-quality product

15+ Years

15+ Years in software quality assurance business

ISTQB Certified

Dedicated team of testers and software engineers


Experience in projects with complex business logic

Reach out to us today, we will do all of the hard work for you!

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